PhD Award of AICIng to dr. Irene VASSALINI

THESIS: Synthesis and characterization of multifunctional smart nanomaterials

Over the past two decades nanomaterials and nanoparticles have encountered a great interest among the scientific community. This is justified by the new properties arising in a material as a result of its nanometric size. Examples are the lowering of melting point, unique optical properties related to Localized Surface Plasmon Resonance, changes of band gap energy values inside semiconductor quantum dots and changes in chemical reactivity.

The aim of the project is to create “intelligent” and adaptive nanomaterials, venturing beyond equilibrium/static structures, that, instead, are the major part of nanomaterials studied until now. In fact, the use of systems far from equilibrium can provide interesting properties: stimuleted senzing, adaptability, self-­‐healing, self-­‐replication and movement. The idea is to create responsive and nonequilibrium materials, that could use externally delivered energy to change their structures and overall functions on demand, exploiting the simple synthesis technique known for nanomaterial preparation. The external stimuli that will be more widely investigated will be light (introducing in the materials functions that are sensitive to light, with particular regards to wavelength selective illumination and response) and changes in chemical composition (exploiting, for example, oscillating reactions if a continuous response is wanted, or introducing from the extern a time limited concentration variation, if, for example, a sensing activity is wanted). The systems studied could find an application as: -­‐ actuators (photo-­‐thermal actuators, self-­‐actuators) -­‐ catalysts (self-­‐repairing catalyst, catalyst with dynamically reconfigurable structures) -­‐ sensors (allowing a controlled and cyclic uptake and release of the analyte of interest) -­‐ systems that permit an information storage.


1st International Summer School
Introduction to CFD for Energy Applications

3-7 September 2018, Desenzano del Garda (BS), Italy

The summer school provides all the basics of computational fluid dynamics (CFD) for energy applications analysis. This need arises from the ever-increasing central role that CFD has reached in the R&D offices worldwide, being very often used in a synergy with experimental and theoretical approaches.

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Welcome on board! PhD students (XXXIII)

Candidate  Area/curriculum/scholarship
ASSI AHMAD Mat/Industrial/A2A Elza Bontempi
BONETTI DANIELA ProLog/Industrial/GPI Marco Perona
BOZ BUKET TeSe/ ??/no scholarship ???
CASTELLI KEVIN MeccApp/no scholarship ???
CERESOLI FEDERICO MeccApp/Research/University Rodolfo Faglia
DONZELLA ANTONIETTA MeccApp/no scholarship Aldo Zenoni
FRACASSI ALESSIA MeccApp/ Industrial/SALERI Antonio Ghidoni
GARGIULO GIOVANNA Mat/Industrial/no scholarship Elza Bontempi
GIACOMELLI MARCO MeccApp/ Industrial/“I-MECH Antonio Visioli
HAO LEI MeccApp/International/EVOLUT Giovanni Legnani
MUSTAPHA ANIS TeSe/ Industrial/Ditta Scolari Srl Pietro Poesio
NUZZI CRISTINA MeccApp/Research /University Giovanna Sansoni
RODRIQUEZ MIRANDA ENRIQUE MeccApp/International/ University Antonio Visioli
SERPELLONI MATTIA TeSe/Research/University  ????
URBANO DARIO GIUSEPPE TeSe/ Industrial/PRIN2015 Adriano Lezzi
ZANI NICOLA MeccApp/ Industrial/LUCCHINI RS Angelo Mazzu
ZHENG TING ProLog/Research/University


The final examination of: Nicolò Bontempi, Silvia Cecchel and Angelo Damone will be held December 15 at 10:00 in Aula Consiliare, Via Branze 38 Brescia.


  1. Prof. Prof. Matteo Tommasini, Politecnico di Milano
  2. Prof. Marco V. Boniardi, Politecnico di Milano
  3. Prof.  Eliodoro Chiavazzo, Politecnico di Torino

Membri Supplenti:

  1. Prof. Adriano Lezzi, DIMI, UniBS
  2. Prof. Elza Bontempi, UniBS


The final examination of Ghazaleh Azizpour, Milad Ashour Pour and Luca Simoni will be held December 21 at 11:00 in Aula Consiliare, Via Branze 38 Brescia.


  1. Prof. Ramon Vilanova, Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona
  2. Prof. Federico Casolo, Politecnico di Milano
  3. Prof. Roberto Pinto, UniBG,

International Summer School Materials for Industry

International Summer School

Materials for Industry
18-22 September 2017
Brescia – Italy

Aims and Scope

The aim of the International Summer School is to show

the opportunities given by the new materials to the industry.Walking through the choice of materials, synthesis, characterization, industrial enhancement, and the development of appropriate standards, the school will give to participants a broad scenario of applications of materials for industry.

The School is promoted by the “Doctoral Research in Mechanical and Industrial Engineering“, DRIMI, PhD course of the University of Brescia. The aim of the PhD course is to train young researchers and professionals with the necessary knowledge, skills, experience, independence and leadership that will enable them to assume responsibilities in technological, research, innovation, development, design, production, and logistic assignments in the industrial sectors.

The School is fully sponsored by the University of Brescia and free of charge for the participants.

The School will be held in Brescia, a city rich of history, culture and art that participants will experience during the social event “Brescia Underground” and the theatre performance “Maria Sklodowska: the Chemistry of the Invisible”.

More information here

Available scholarships

13 scholarships are available:

  1. 4 financed by the University of Brescia – free topic related to DRIMI research areas
  2. 1 financed by Lucchini RS, Industrial curriculum, having a specific research topic “The effects of environmental factors and consequences on the damage of railway wheels produced using different materials” ref. prof. Mazzu
  3. 1 financed by Scolari SpA, Industrial curriculum, having a specific research topic the Energy optimization of industrial dryers ref. prof. Poesio
  4. 1 financed by Industrie Saleri Srl, Industrial curriculum, having a  specific research topic “Development of a RANS-LES Hybrid Method for Fluid Dynamic Performance Analysis of a Centrifugal Pump”. ref. prof. Ghidoni
  5. 1 financed by GPI SpA, Industrial Curriculum, with a research topic about the “pharma supply chain 4.0.” ref prof. Perona
  6. 1 co-financed by DIMI, Curriculum on Basic Research, having a specific research topic “Heat Transfer Enhancement Induced by Spinodal Decomposition of Liquid-Liquid Mixtures in Microchannels”, ref. Prof. Lezzi (PRIN 2015, Clean Heating and Cooling Technologies for an Energy Efficient Smart Grid).
  7. 1 co-financed by CNR having a specific research topic  micro-assembly of embedded components ref. Dr. Fassi
  8. 1 financed by the University of Brescia reserved  to  candidates  with  an  eligible University degree from a non-Italian University  – Free topic related to DRIMI research areas
  9. 1  financed by EVOLUT, Industrial curriculum  having a specific research topic about “Research on collaborative robot precision operation and advanced motion planning based on Multi – sensor in non – structured environment” reserved  to  candidates  with  an  eligible University degree from a non-Italian University ref. prof. Legnani
  10. 1  financed by A2A, Industrial curriculum  having a specific research topic about “Improvement of the waste combustion process for the optimization of fly ash quality.” ref. prof.Bontempi