2019 Summer School

Summer School F. Turco
Industrial Systems Engineering
Augmented Knowledge: A new era of industrial systems engineering

September 11 – 13, Brescia, Italy

We are in the midst of a profound transformation of how firms, and industrial firms among them, produce value. Several sharp transformations are disrupting the value chains, bringing new opportunities and challenges. While these transformations ask for new competences, new business models and new paradigms, we believe that our work as researchers and professors alike is also challenged to provide these new competences and to train a new generation of engineers and managers.
The Summer School promotes interaction and cooperation among researchers coming from different universities and enhances the sense of belonging to the scientific sector SSD ING-IND/17 (Industrial Systems Engineering).

The topic of this edition is “AUGMENTED KNOWLEDGE: A new era of industrial systems engineering”. Accordingly, the School will encompass:

  • scientific sessions where young researchers can present their work, and more experienced colleagues can support their abilities to structure and present their results;
  • training sessions, that this year will address the skills required in times of great technological, organizational and managerial innovation;
  • and a social programme, encompassing both leisure activities and moments of discussion among participants and with industrial managers.

For more information about the summer school, please visit the official website http://www.summerschool-aidi.it/ or contact info@summerschool-aidi.it.

2019 Winter School

Uguaglianza, Differenza: le donne nella scienza e nella società

Il 28 Febbraio dalle 9:00 alle 16:30 si terrà la giornata di interventi intitolata “Dal corpo fisico al corpo sociale“, nella Sala Biblioteca del Dipartimento di Economia e Management in via S. Faustino 74/b.

Il 1 Marzo, dalle 9:00 alle 13:00 si terrà la giornata di interventi intitolata “Donne e Società“, nella Sala delle Candelabre, Dipartimento di Giurisprudenza in via San Faustino 41.

Si prega di inviare iscrizione all’evento mandando una mail all’indirizzo log@unibs.it.

Per informazioni circa gli interventi, visionare la locandina ufficiale dell’evento.

2018 Summer School

1st International Summer School: Introduction to CFD for Energy Applications

3 – 7 September, Desenzano del Garda (BS), Italy

The summer school provides all the basics of computational fluid dynamics (CFD) for energy applications analysis. This need arises from the ever-increasing central role that CFD has reached in the R&D offices worldwide, being very often used in a synergy with experimental and theoretical approaches.

The lectures will describe and discuss various aspects related to CFD: the generation of the computational mesh (generation methods, quality criteria and main open-source software), physical modeling (turbulence models, multiphase models) and numerical methods (finite volume method, segregated/coupled methods, steady and unsteady problems).
The course will also deal with frontier topics, such as the uncertainty quantification and shape optimization based on genetic and adjoint methods.

During the summer school a Workshop will be organized, where R&D offices of some companies operating in the energy field will bring their experience in the use of CFD software during the design.

The Summer School is sponsored by the University of Brescia and promoted by the “Doctoral Research in Mechanical and Industrial Engineering” (DRIMI) PhD course of the University of Brescia.

2017 Summer School

International Summer School: Materials for Industry

18 – 22 September, Brescia, Italy

The aim of the International Summer School is to show the opportunities given by the new materials to the industry.
Walking through the choice of materials, synthesis, characterization, industrial enhancement, and the development of appropriate standards, the school will give to participants a broad scenario of applications of materials for industry.

The School is promoted by the “Doctoral Research in Mechanical and Industrial Engineering“, DRIMI, PhD course of the University of Brescia. The aim of the PhD course is to train young researchers and professionals with the necessary knowledge, skills, experience, independence and leadership that will enable them to assume responsibilities in technological, research, innovation, development, design, production, and logistic assignments in the industrial sectors.
More info can be found on the brochure of the event.

The School is fully sponsored by the University of Brescia and free of charge for the participants.
The School will be held in Brescia, a city rich of history, culture and art that participants will experience during the social event “Discovering Brescia” and the theatre performance “La chimica invisibile”.