International Summer School Materials for Industry

International Summer School

Materials for Industry
18-22 September 2017
Brescia – Italy

Aims and Scope

The aim of the International Summer School is to show

the opportunities given by the new materials to the industry.Walking through the choice of materials, synthesis, characterization, industrial enhancement, and the development of appropriate standards, the school will give to participants a broad scenario of applications of materials for industry.

The School is promoted by the “Doctoral Research in Mechanical and Industrial Engineering“, DRIMI, PhD course of the University of Brescia. The aim of the PhD course is to train young researchers and professionals with the necessary knowledge, skills, experience, independence and leadership that will enable them to assume responsibilities in technological, research, innovation, development, design, production, and logistic assignments in the industrial sectors.

The School is fully sponsored by the University of Brescia and free of charge for the participants.

The School will be held in Brescia, a city rich of history, culture and art that participants will experience during the social event “Brescia Underground” and the theatre performance “Maria Sklodowska: the Chemistry of the Invisible”.

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