Projects XXIX

TitlePhD StudentCycleE-mail
The rise of Platform Economy: Conceptualization and empirical analsisArdolino
Study of two phase flow air-emulsion in horizontal pipe and development of tomographic sensorsArnone
Technology of sustainable inertization of waste material and by-productsBenassi
Vehicle ride motion analysis: virtual modeling and real testingBenini
Investigations on Metallic Ion Release from Stainless Steels in Simulated Food Contac and Critical Analysis of the Italian D.M. 21 marzo 1973Casaroli
The synthesis of new materials and the application of their properties on degradation of different organic and inorganic pollutants in waterGjipalaj
Inverse problem applied to multiphase flowsFerrari
Development of new design procedures for the realization of precision engineering rubber components by injection moldingGuindani
Design of a hybrid machine for scaffold fabrication and electrospinning experimental investigationGinestra
The effect of viscosity on the mechanics of large bubbles in pipesLosi
Influence of ageing on the mechanical properties of hypereutectic zinc alluminium alloysRollez
LIGHTarm: a highly adaptable gravity-compensated exoskeleton for upper-limb rehabilitation and ADL assistanceSpagnuolo
Unsteady simulation of the incompressible turbulent flow through a vertical axis wind turbine with a high-order Discontinuous Galerkin solverNoventa
Investigation of the role of non-conventional alloying elements addition in aluminum alloys for automotive applicationsTocci
Application-Centered Control and Motion Planning of Industrial Robots Exploiting Open Controller ArchitecturesMagnoni
Supply Chain Energy EfficiencyMarchi
Handcycling Analisis:Biomechanical Model, Force Analysis and Optimization ProcedureOusdad
Synthesis and characterization of multifunctional smart nanomaterialsVassalini