Projects XXXIII

TitlePhD StudentCycleE-mail
La combustione delle Biomasse ed il loro utilizzo come fonte di energia ed i fattori di emissioneAhmad
The selection of environmental materialsGiovanna
Robotics and Additive ManufacturingKevin
Study for the increase in performance of load handling systemsFederico
Design of beam lines and exhausted target temporary storage of a radioactive beam facility for containment of radioactive hazard and environmental impactAntonietta
Advanced control of industrial mechatronic systemsMarco
A Deep Learning-based framework for Collaborative Robotics: real-time monitoring and gesture recognition on the edgeCristina
Enrique Rodrìguez
Numerical study of the effects of environmental and thermal factors on the damage of raiway wheels produced using different materialsNicola
PHARMA 4.0: New operations and logistics models for drug management in healthcare organizationsDaniela
The enterprise 4.0 paradigm: an international benchmarkTing
Co-design, experiments, modelling, and simulations of innovative Li-ion batteriesBuket
Thermodynamic study towards the optimization of Industrial Drying Systems PerformanceAnis
Modeling and simulations in mechano-biologyMattia
Micro-channel heat transfer using spinoidal liquid-liquid mixtureDario Giuseppe