Mat – Materials for Engineering


The field of study and research of the Section covers the development and application of materials in different fields of Engineering, with structural and functional purposes. Therefore, the main applications are in the mechanical, civil, biomedical, electronics, energy fields, as well as in industrial design and preservation of cultural heritage. The interests cover, therefore, a wide spectrum of types of materials that are different for both their nature (metals, polymers, cements, ceramics, raw materials, etc..) and for their morphological-structural or dimensional characteristics (composites, nanocomposites, nanostructured materials, thin films, etc..).

Research Topics

The activities are divided into the following areas:

  • preparation of new materials;
  • chemical-physical and morphological-structural characterizations;
  • mechanical behavior;
  • transformation technologies;
  • structure/property relationships;
  • modification processes (chemical, thermal, surface treatements, etc);
  • environmental interactions;
  • design procedures associated with the use of non conventional materials;
  • raw materials.

Section Chair

Prof. Annalisa Pola


List of Publications

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