Educational Goals

The aim of the DRIMI Ph. D. course program is to train young researchers and professionals with the necessary and sufficient knowledge, skills, experience, independence, and leadership that will enable them to assume responsibilities in technological, research, innovation, development, design, production, and logistic assignments in the industrial sectors. The scientific and technical operational independence is acquired through academic research, either application-oriented, carried out in collaboration with private and public companies, or focused on the scientific development of basic technologies for industrial innovation-oriented and sponsored by institutional funding bodies such as the Ministry of Scientific and Technological Research and the European Research Council.

The course provides third-level training designed for young researchers and professionals who will be able to design, monitor, and manage applied and basic research in all disciplines related to the Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering. In particular, the course focuses on various issues of great interest for innovative content and multidisciplinarity, such as Advanced Materials, Applied Mechanics, Logistics and Production Systems, Energetics, Heat Transfer, Thermodynamics, Multi-Phase Fluid Dynamics, Mechanical Technologies, Systems and Technologies for Human and Environmental Health and Wealth, with applications in all areas of industrial, environmental and biomedical science and engineering.

The YouTube DRIMI Channel

In 2021 the official DRIMI Ph. D. course YouTube Channel has been opened. Here, candidates’ presentations and research advances will be published regularly. Check it out to know more about our wonderful Ph. D. students!


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DRIMI Representatives

Please do not contact them to ask about enrollment. For that, visit this page and eventually contact Prof. Laura Depero (laura.depero@unibs.it)

Federica Ragni

Tutor: A. Borboni
Advisor: A. Borboni

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Ratibor Shevchenko

Tutor: A. Mazzù
Advisor: A. Mazzù

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