Admission to 2nd and 3rd year

Admission to the 2nd year

Before July 31st of the first year, every first-year student must upload to their personal Ph. D. drive two documents:

  1. The final Ph. D. Project Proposal: in this document, the student must describe in detail its definitive Ph. D. project. A timeline or Gantt diagram of the activities is also recommended (i. e. “in the first task I plan to perform a background literature survey, in the second task I will carry out experiment A…”), or more generally a bullet list of the required steps the student plans to do to reach the project goal, with a proper description. If by the end of the year the student already has some preliminary results, it is encouraged to put them in the project and comment them.
    The project must be written properly, meaning that the details must be clear to the reader and the keypoints, strengths, and weaknesses of the research are properly highlighted. It is strongly recommended to write the proposal in English, but if you don’t feel confident enough with the language you can also write it in Italian.
  2. The annual report of activities: this document is a certification of the credits obtained at the end of the year and of every activity related to the research the student has conducted during the year. You must write in the document (i) every course you have completed (online courses may be valid for some credits, provided you have a final certification), (ii) seminars, (iii) summer schools, (iv) conferences (if you have presented some contribution, write the type of contribution, else write “none”), (v) stages. Write the total hours attended for every activity in the last column.
    If you have done some hours as an assistant in courses of the University, write the number of hours you have done and the name of the course and of the corresponding Professor.
    If you have successfully published some papers, write their names, author names, and name of the journal/conference.
    Write a short description of the research conducted during the year and the relative hours and credits.

Please note that the documents uploaded before July 31st are a draft; this draft must be read by your tutor/supervisor and approved by the commission before October 11th.

For both documents, the templates will be sent by e-mail in June.

Check out the Vademecum to find out details about the credits per hour and other useful information.

Admission to the 3rd year

Before July 15th of the second year, every second-year student must upload to their personal Ph. D. drive the annual report of activities related to their second year.

October examinations

Each year an oral examination will be carried out for every student (3rd-year students included). The date of the examination and the schedule of the presentations will be announced in September.

Every student must prepare a few slides and must present them in English to the commission. The exam is organized as a conference, so at the end of the presentation, the commission will ask some questions (other attendees may also ask questions if they have some). The slides template is not optional, so please use it.

Keep in mind that this is an examination: you may also fail and not be admitted to the following year. This may happen if you presented badly and the commission do not approve your report/project proposal.