2021 Courses for PhD Students

Click on the course name to access the subscription module. The description and info (teacher, period, language…) of the course can be found in the module as well.

Keep in mind that THE SUBSCRIPTION IS MANDATORY if you want to follow the course. More info can be found in the DRIMI PhD Students Vademecum (keep in mind that these regulations are for DRIMI students only).

Do not worry about the scheduled dates: those will be defined as soon as possible according to the number of students who applied. The only exceptions are the courses with dates already defined, which cannot be modified.

As PhD Students you can also attend every other course of the University. Here you can find the list of the Engineering Courses for every Major, both bachelor and master degrees.

Other PhD Programs offer courses that can be of interest for you: DICACIM courses, DRII courses, DEM courses and General courses.

You can also attend courses of Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna – Biorobotica

PhD Language Skills Project:

Highly recommended:

Technical courses: