2022 Courses for PhD Students

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As PhD Students you can also attend every other course of the University. Here you can find the list of the Engineering Courses for every Major, both bachelor and master degrees.

Other PhD Programs offer courses that can be of interest for you: DICACIM courses, DRII courses, DEM courses and General courses.


  • Gender in research
  • Technical/Scientific Writing
  • Principles of Economy
  • Theatre Teaches
  • Production systems energy management from cradle-to-grave: a supply chain perspective
  • The Digital and Service Transformation of Manufacturing Companies: beyond the 4.0 Paradigm
  • Comunicare e comunicarsi
  • Exoskeleton Robots: Overview
  • Circular Economy: Principles and Applications
  • Fuel Cells Systems for Power Production: from the Fundamentals and the Multiphysics Modelling to their Applications
  • Discrete-event Simulation in industrial systems
  • Finding and reading patents as a research tool
  • Tecnologie di azionamento: come orientarsi nella scelta
  • Posters and Oral Presentations
  • Advances in laser machining and micromachining with high power fiber lasers
  • PC-based data acquisition design
  • Production Technologies for Biomanufacturing
  • Le immagini della ricerca. Documentare e comunicare l’attività scientifica
  • Technical Writing
  • Design of Experiment
  • Microrobotica
  • Failure Analysis e Ingegneria Forense
  • Trasformazione Digitale: tecnologie, organizzazione e lavoro
  • Le skill del manager: dal comandare e controllare al negoziare
  • Roboetica
  • Multiscale physics in energy
  • Design for Additive Manufacturing
  • Method for Materials Selection in Mechanical Design
  • Materials Characterization: Microscopy and Surface Analysis
  • Reliability design of mechanical components
  • LabVIEW Core 1
  • Reference Management Tools using Mendeley