PhD Curricula

The PhD course in mechanical and industrial engineering is organized in three curricula:

  • Research curriculum. 
  • Industrial Curriculum.
  • International Curriculum.



The Research Curriculum provides a third level training for students who want to learn to design, monitor and manage applied and basic researches in disciplines characterizing the Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering. In particular, the course focuses on various issues of great interest with innovative and multidisciplinary contents, such as Advanced Materials, Applied Mechanics, Logistics and Production Systems, Power Conversion, Heat Engines, Renewable Energies, Heat transfer, Thermodynamics, Fluid Dynamics, Mechanical Technologies, Systems and Technologies, Modeling and Control, Advanced Structural Mechanics, with applications in all areas of industrial, environmental and biomediacal science and engineering. Part of the training and of the thesis work could be completed abroad, in collaboration with foreign universities or research centers.



The Industrial Curriculum provides a third level training designed for students who will be able to design, monitor and manage applied research in all disciplines charachterising the Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering. The scientific and technical skills and operational independence are acquired in collaboration with private and public bodies.

With this orientation, the fundamental concepts of economy and finance necessary for the management of research as well as the knowledge of the procedures for patenting the research products, can be acquired. The student of this Curriculum will usually spend 12 month in industrial research and development structures, even abroad.



The International Curriculum gives students the opportunity to undertake PhD research in close links with universities and research centers of foreign countries. Inter-university cooperation will be included, for the purpose of developing jointly-run and tutored doctorate courses and carrying out researches at international institutions and centers which collaborate with the Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering in all disciplines characterizing its research.

The student in this Curriculum must spend at least twelve month in foreign institutions. This program thus provides an excellent opportunity to interact closely with top international research centers during the course of the study.


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