In the tables below you can find the student’s Thesis Projects. Browse the interactive catalog to see a short poster of each current Ph. D. student’s project!



TitlePhD StudentCycleE-mail
Advanced Carbon Dioxide Thermodynamic Cycles for Power ProductionAbubakr
Fluid dynamics optimization of boiler components, premixed burners and innovative combustorsAlessandro
Studio, dimensionamento, verifica e realizzazione di cilindri oleodinamici in materiali compositiAndrea
Topology optimization in modelling and design of fuel cellsApu
Use of induced pluripotent stem cells (IPSCs) as an alternative model for neurodegenerative and cancer diseasesDavid Angelats
Electric traction for a multi-motor vehicle, research for active safety and energy efficiencyEmanuele
Study of a new Target-Ion Source Unit and Beam Line for an energy and power upgrade of SPES Project at INFN LNLLisa
Predictive diagnostics through machine learning on the injection group of a diecasting machineLuca
A bio-chemo-mechanical model of endothelial cells behavior in tumor angiogenesisMatteo
Characterisation of microplastic in oceans through vibrational spectroscopy techniquesMonika
Modellistica data-driven per la modellizzazione di sistemi complessiRoberta
Innovative experimental procedures and models for industrial robot manipulatorsRoberto


TitlePhD StudentCycleE-mail
La combustione delle Biomasse ed il loro utilizzo come fonte di energia ed i fattori di emissioneAhmad
Co-design, experiments, modelling, and simulations of innovative Li-ion batteriesBuket
Robotics and Additive ManufacturingKevin
Studio per l’incremento prestazionale di sistemi per la movimentazione di carichiFederico
Random fatigue comparison from time to frequency domainMichele
Design of the beam lines and exhausted target temporary storage of a radioactive beam facility, for containment of radioactive hazard and environmental impactAntonietta
Sviluppo di un metodo ibrido RANS-LES per l’analisi fluidodinamica delle prestazioni di una pompa centrifugaAlessia
Advanced control of industrial mechatronic systemsMarco
Modeling and control of the combined microalgae production and wastewater treatment processEnrique Rodrìguez
A Deep Learning-based system for Collaborative Robotics: real-time monitoring and gesture recognition at the edgeCristina
Modeling and simulations in mechano-biologyMattia
Micro-channel heat transfer using spinoidal liquid-liquid mixtureDario Giuseppe
Numerical study of the effects of the environmental and thermal factors on the damage of railway wheels produced using different materialsNicola
The enterprise 4.0 paradigm: an international benchmarkTing


TitlePhD StudentCycleE-mail
A new framework and simulation tool for the assessment of circular economy impacts. Application to the washing machines industryBressanelli
Digital servitization and competences in manufacturing companies: a new framework and maturityTheoni
Atmospheric aerosols assessment and analysis using new techniquesAnne Wambui
Engineering opto-thermal proprieties of Nanostructured interfacesStefano
Steelworks slag electric furnace: evaluation
of environmental performance
Experimental study of radiation resistance in intense neutron fields of critical materials and componentsMatteo
Wood pellet stoves and boilers: from evaluation of emission factors to development of primary and secondary actions to reduce PM emissionsLuigi
SCC, SSC and GHSC resistance of precipitation hardened UNS N06625 nickel-based superalloyAndrea
Optimization of enabling technologies and development of new approaches for micro-fabrication and custom-made devicesAlessandro
Digital Manufacturing for process optimizationGabriele


TitlePhD StudentCycleE-mail
New numerical methods for multiphase flow simulations and slug capturing in pipesBonzanini
New breathable electrically conductive polyurethane foamCaba
Trajectory planning and control of redundant robot manipulatorsFaroni
Defects closure of special steels during Hot RollingFaini
Additive manufacturing of aluminum alloys: characterization of powders and productsGirelli
A new porous hybrid material to reduce air particulate matter (PM)Zanoletti
Designing high performance gelatin–based biomaterials for biomedical applicationsKamol


TitlePhD StudentCycleE-mail
Analysis and Optimization of Advanced Manufacturing Systems Including Additive and Digital ManufacturingAshour Pour
Investigation and Modelling of Kinematics and Dynamics of a Handbike System for Rehabilitation PurposesAzizpour GhazalehXXX
Steepest Entropy Ascent models for Non-Equilibrium Thermodynamics, Chemical Kinetics, and Small-Scale HydrodynamicsBenfenati FrancescoXXX
Study of advanced nanostructures for SERS effect in μ-Raman SpectroscopyBontempi NicolòXXX
Smart mechatronic systems for disability and rehabilitationCappellini
Optimization of materials and technologies for lightweighting of structural parts for automotive applicationCecchel
Modeling mechanical processes of energy carriersDamioli
Multi-Phase Modelling of a pipeline using Smoothed Particle Hydrodynamics (SPH)Damone
Centrifugal pump design optimization through CFD simulations and evolutionary algorithmsDe Donno RemoXXX
Casting defects and mechanical properties (static and dynamic) in heavy section ductile cast iron componentsFoglio
Study and modelling of new control strategies for industrial robot manipulatorsSimoni
The influence of processing parameters on the microstructure and the fatigue behavior of AlSi7 castingsTebaldini


TitlePhD StudentCycleE-mail
The rise of Platform Economy: Conceptualization and empirical analsisArdolino
Study of two phase flow air-emulsion in horizontal pipe and development of tomographic sensorsArnone
Technology of sustainable inertization of waste material and by-productsBenassi
Vehicle ride motion analysis: virtual modeling and real testingBenini
Investigations on Metallic Ion Release from Stainless Steels in Simulated Food Contac and Critical Analysis of the Italian D.M. 21 marzo 1973Casaroli
The synthesis of new materials and the application of their properties on degradation of different organic and inorganic pollutants in waterGjipalaj
Inverse problem applied to multiphase flowsFerrari
Development of new design procedures for the realization of precision engineering rubber components by injection moldingGuindani
Design of a hybrid machine for scaffold fabrication and electrospinning experimental investigationGinestra
The effect of viscosity on the mechanics of large bubbles in pipesLosi
The recrystallization of wrought ZnAl15Cu1Mg under different aging conditionsRollez
LIGHTarm: a highly adaptable gravity-compensated exoskeleton for upper-limb rehabilitation and ADL assistanceSpagnuolo
Unsteady simulation of the incompressible turbulent flow through a vertical axis wind turbine with a high-order Discontinuous Galerkin solverNoventa
Investigation of the effects of Cr addition to an AlSi3Mg alloyTocci
Application-Centered Control and Motion Planning of Industrial Robots Exploiting Open Controller ArchitecturesMagnoni
Supply Chain Energy EfficiencyMarchi
Handcycling Analisis: Biomechanical Model, Force Analysis and Optimization ProcedureOusdad
Synthesis and characterization of multifunctional smart nanomaterialsVassalini