Projects XXXII

TitlePhD StudentCycleE-mail
A new framework and simulation tool for the assessment of circular economy impacts. Application to the washing machines industryBressanelli
Digital servitization and competences in manufacturing companies: a new framework and maturityTheoni
Atmospheric aerosols assessment and analysis using new techniquesAnne Wambui
Engineering opto-thermal proprieties of Nanostructured interfacesStefano
Steelworks slag electric furnace: evaluation
of environmental performance
Experimental study of radiation resistance in intense neutron fields of critical materials and componentsMatteo
Wood pellet stoves and boilers: from evaluation of emission factors to development of primary and secondary actions to reduce PM emissionsLuigi
SCC, SSC and GHSC resistance of precipitation hardened UNS N06625 nickel-based superalloyAndrea
Optimization of enabling technologies and development of new approaches for micro-fabrication and custom-made devicesAlessandro
Digital Manufacturing for process optimizationGabriele