Projects XXXIV

TitlePhD StudentCycleE-mail
Advanced Carbon Dioxide Thermodynamic Cycles for Power ProductionAbubakr
Fluid dynamics optimization of boiler components, premixed burners and innovative combustorsAlessandro
Studio, dimensionamento, verifica e realizzazione di cilindri oleodinamici in materiali compositiAndrea
Topology optimization in modelling and design of fuel cellsApu
Use of induced pluripotent stem cells (IPSCs) as an alternative model for neurodegenerative and cancer diseasesDavid Angelats
Electric traction for a multi-motor vehicle, research for active safety and energy efficiencyEmanuele
Study of a new Target-Ion Source Unit and Beam Line for an energy and power upgrade of SPES Project at INFN LNLLisa
Predictive diagnostics through machine learning on the injection group of a diecasting machineLuca
A bio-chemo-mechanical model of endothelial cells behavior in tumor angiogenesisMatteo
Characterisation of microplastic in oceans through vibrational spectroscopy techniquesMonika
Modellistica data-driven per la modellizzazione di sistemi complessiRoberta
Innovative experimental procedures and models for industrial robot manipulatorsRoberto