MeccApp – Applied Mechanics

The area of interest of the Secion includes machines, devices and systems for industrial and service application, with reference with the whole system and to its components (structural, actuation, measure, regulation and control).

The methodologies concern the study of the functional, kinematic, and dynamic, identification, modelling, regulation and control of complex systems and their representation, modeling and simulation focusing to the research advance as well as the development of techniques and procedure of design.

In addition, the aim of the section is the study of methods and technologies for information treatment devoted to the management and the automatic (also real-time) control of plants, processes and dynamic systems with application in several area of engineering and science.

Research Topics

The activity is mainly focused on:

  • robotics and industrial automation;
  • measuring, modelling, identification and analysis of systems;
  • systems for regulation and control;
  • biomechanics;
  • advanced design of systems;
  • mechanics of systems;
  • vehicle mechanics;
  • advanced manufacturing systems;
  • elaboration and management of product documentation;
  • relation between morphology, functionality, safety and perception.

Session Chair

Prof. Giovanni Legnani