ProLog – Design and Management of Integrated Logistic and Production Systems

The ProLog section of the doctoral program focuses on integrated logistic and production systems, defined as complex and organized systems dedicated to sourcing, manufacturing and distributing material and immaterial goods. These systems need to be managed in an economically sound and competitive way, combining different factors such as: raw materials or components; energy; machinery, tooling and other equipment; people; know-how; etc.

The different aspects (technological; organizational; managerial; economic; financial; regulatory; etc.) that concur in the design, sourcing, manufacture and distribution of material and immaterial goods at an industrial scale are analyzed from a systemic viewpoint, emphasizing the relationships among these factors and the between them and the results achieved.

Research topics

The main research streams that are active within the ProLog section of DRIMI PhD program are:

  • techno-economical optimization of industrial facilities design
  • ergonomics, safety, security and environmental impact of industrial production and industrial products
  • production management, planning, scheduling and control
  • industrial quality management
  • reliability and maintenance of industrial systems
  • energy management in industry
  • industrial logistics, packaging, handling, transportation and warehousing
  • industrial planning and control, demand planning and forecasting and inventory planning
  • management of procurement, sourcing and purchasing
  • supply chain management, and customer-supplier integration
  • digitalization of products, processes and business models, business information systems and simulation
  • servitization of manufacturing firms, service management, customer care and after sales services

Section chair

Prof. Lucio Zavanella