TeSE – Energy, Fluid & Thermal, and Manufacturing Systems and Technologies

The field of study and research of this Section are energy systems, energy technologies, mechanical technologies, methods of product engineering, heat transfer, fluid mechanics, thermodynamics.

In the energy sector, the main research directions are toward the industrial product and complex and innovative systems of energy conversion. Also research on basic and fundamental aspects (chemical, physical and mathematical) without immediate effects on industrial application are supported and encouraged.

In the mechanical technologis sector, the main research directions are aimed to the use of industrialization techniques for new products design both with traditional and innovative methodologies, with a view of the ever-widening impact of non-conventional techniques and innovative materials processing.

Research topics

High priority in this research area is given to the following broad topics:

  • experimental and numerical fluid dynamics and heat transfer;
  • multiphase flows for industrial applications;
  • energy conversion systems and power production technologies;
  • processes and sensors for safety in the agro-food industry;
  • cogeneration, micro-distributed, and hybrid power facilities;
  • applied acoustics;
  • thermodynamics of irreversible and non-equilibrium phenomena;
  • multiscale methods for transport phenomena;
  • production methods for biomedical devices;
  • incremental forming;
  • hydroforming.

Section chair

Prof. Pietro Poesio
mail: pietro.poesio@unibs.it